The Eyes Have It! Best Makeup Tips for Beautiful Eyes

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By Aly Walansky for Life & Beauty Weekly

We’ve all been told the eyes are the windows to our soul — maybe that’s why they’re such an important part of flirting! Want to look great at work and at play? Gorgeous eyes are the place to start, and these expert eye makeup tips will help you get there.

Stay Hydrated
Before you apply makeup, moisturize your face with a daily moisturizing cream, says beauty expert Janine Falcon, founder of BeautyGeeks and contributing editor at The Kit. Even a little dab of olive oil under your eyes and at the corners works wonders. And, believe it or not, adding moisture actually helps prevent greasy skin during the day, because your skin has no need to produce additional oils.

Stay Bright
Keep a tired-eyes SOS kit in your bag with several items that you can use in a variety of combinations, depending on whether you’ve been short-changed a couple of sleeping hours or pulled an all-nighter catching up on Mad Men, says Falcon.

To look less exhausted, Falcon recommends sousing concealer with peach undertones to cover blue circles. Look for an orangey concealer if you have medium-deep skin and super-dark shadows; the orange will blend right into the skin to camouflage without looking ashy. Also pick up an eye brightener, a light-reflecting liquid or eye serum you can tap over dark circles before you apply concealer on top (you’ll find you’ll need to use less concealer).

Pump It Up!
We know we should tone our legs to look our best in swimsuits — and the same applies to our faces! Before applying makeup, try the quick Facial Magic exercise technique. This mini-workout lifts your brows, creating a greater distance between your eyebrows and lashes and letting more light in your eyes.

Here’s how: Place the three middle fingers of each hand under your eyebrows, with your palms flat against your face, keeping your eyes open. With your fingers, push your eyebrows up and slightly outward toward your temples. While holding up your brows, slowly push your forehead muscle toward your fingertips for a count of five. Repeat twice more, holding the contraction for 10 seconds, closing your eyes at the seventh second.

Cover Up
To mask dark circles, look for a concealer with a good dose of pigment so that you don’t have to use much to cover effectively, says Falcon. “A peachy shade works best to cover dark shadows on fair skin; the darker your skin, the more orange the concealer. Sounds weird, but try it — you’ll see.”

Find the Right Color
When choosing an eyeshadow color, avoid matching it too closely with the color of your eyes. Falcon says an easy route to finding shades that best bring out your eyes is a colour wheel: The range of hues that lie opposite the colour that best matches your eyes will be a flattering range for you. “For instance, blue eyes look incredible with copper, bronze or chocolate brown; brown eyes look richer with indigo and navy; and green eyes look luminous with violet, purple and deep plum,” she says. “But don’t let that limit you, or you’ll miss out — copper, bronze, and purple make every eye shade look gorgeous. And taking chances can lead you to even more colours that make your eyes pop.”

Get Smoky
Smoky eye-makeup is about technique, not colour, says Falcon. “Intensity starts at the upper and lower lashlines and fades out from there. You can use pretty much any colour you like.” Bronze shadows and liners enhance every eye color and create a natural, yet sultry look for evening. One to try: Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow Sticks in 2 and 3. Liberally apply these sticks right near the eyelash line, using the darker colour on top and the lighter shimmer on the bottom lash line. Then, with a cotton swab or makeup brush, smudge the shadows together.

Widen Your Eyes
For thick, gorgeous eyelashes, start the mascara at the bottom of the eyelash and wiggle the wand in a back-and-forth motion all the way up and outward. Apply two coats. 

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