Top Ten Tips When Starting Your Path Down Female Entrepreneurship

Starting your own business can seem like a daunting task. However, if you are passionate about the thought, there are many benefits and rewards that you can reap by becoming an entrepreneur. Learn the tried and proven top ten list, collaborated from various successful female entrepreneurs, on how to be successful on your path down female entrepreneurship.

When: TBD

Risk-Taking- The Journey Towards Success

Are you playing it too safe and getting nowhere fast? Learn why risk taking is essential to achieving success and wealth. Risk taking is an integral part of business and life, but so few people know how to manage it properly. Learn about the risk process and tips on how you can leverage the “good” risk to lead to business growth and success… and when to play it safe.

When: Wednesday November 6th

How to Diva-fy Your Business!

8 Ways To Effectively Market Your Brand: Marketing plays a crucial role in building your brand and business. Learn the tricks of the trade on how to be a successful marketing guru and spice up your branding techniques and process. Generate revenue, create a customer following and have fun with marketing your business!

When: Monday November 4th

Creating Your Perfect Social Circle

How to Effective Network: Leverage is a great way build your business. To be a successful business owner, you need to surround yourself with successful and motivating individuals. Are you conducting business and growing your brand with the RIGHT people? Find out how to successfully meet new people that will HELP YOU build your business in the RIGHT direction.

When: Wednesday October 30th

Building an Empire and Having Fun Doing It

Being a business owner is a lifelong process. Find out the top list of things to consider to turn your business (or soon to be venture) into an empire… and have fun in the process! You are in charge of your own destiny so why not go BIG?

When: Wednesday October 16

Brand U

In this seminar, we discuss the importance of marketing and how proper processes are crucial to sell your product/service your brand experience. We explore promotional techniques and perfect personal branding, to essentially, make your brand money.

When: Tuesday October 1st

Sexy & Wealthy in Heels

Geared towards helping females succeed in their paths of female entrepreneurship. We train and inspire women to not only build sustainable and profitable businesses, but to still keep “sexy” in the process! The Sexy & Wealthy Series is intimate and interactive in nature, with lots of great opportunity to network with other fabulous females launching or running their own businesses.

When: Wednesday September 18th