LWK Seminars

Life With Kids

Life with Kids and Diva Girl Inc are coming together to bring you a series of fabulous seminars geared specifically for women! we offer an array of educating, inspiring and empowering seminars for any group or setting. We will be hosting these seminars every other Monday and spots are very limited! Read Full Article

The BEST weight loss Program is here and has now come to Life With Kids!


Whether you would like to lose weight or just become healthier, this program is for you!
Highway to Health’s 6-week “Down-to-the-Basics” Weight Loss Series is a REAL program that focuses on REAL food. Designed and supported by Registered Nutritionist, Roslyn Gordon, our clients learn how to lose 15-25 pounds across the six week series and leave feeling confident and better than ever. Read Full Article

Helping Your Kids Build Confidence and Self-Esteem


Time and again parents share with me their concerns over their child’s lack of confidence and self-esteem in school. They intuitively understand that grades and confidence often walk hand-in-hand. Confidence among children seems to be such a fleeting emotion. A young student can start the day feeling that all is right with the world but come home feeling like an utter failure. The challenge for parents is to help their kids move past the “emotion” of confidence and, instead, understand that confidence is more than a feeling—it’s a mindset. Read Full Article

Cooking With Your Kids

Cooking with Kids

I have been using Sandi Richard’s line of Meal Planning Cookbooks for over 10 years now. I am a raving fan! I buy every one of her books because they have taught me how to meal plan, her meals are easy, delicious, and healthy and even my husband can follow the recipes! Read Full Article

How the heck do I get dinner on the table?

Roslyn Gordon

I remember asking myself this when I first started motherhood.  I wanted to be the best mom, wife and budding entrepreneur yet still make sure I made nutritious home cooked meals for my family.  As a Nutritionist I felt this was very important, but I had no idea the work and planning involved when I first started out.  Without asking for help or guidance I would scramble around for dinner ideas at the last minute. Read Full Article

Easy Lemon Chicken Recipe

Recipe of the Week - Lemon Chicken

Far from boring, this lemon chicken recipe is moist, flavorful and easy to make. It bursts with lemon flavor along with herbs, toasted garlic and tangy mustard.
What you need to know: At home, we love to use bone-in, skin on chicken thighs, which we’ve found to be more moist and flavorful than chicken breast. With that said, this recipe can be made with chicken breasts and will still be very tasty. Read Full Article